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Have your pupils learn through laughter!

Reuben's educational, fun & interactive shows are for 3rd - 6th class primary students.


There are too many dull and dry speakers for schools - make sure you get someone who will bring excitement to your pupils!

This is NOT a lecture - the students will be laughing non-stop for an hour! They will be out of their seats and screaming - Reuben performs very physical shows that help students learn by emotionally connecting them to the issues.

Reuben can perform to any size audience - from the smallest school of just over a dozen to a school of hundreds!

'One of our 6th class pupils were upset to go to the bathroom halfway through the show as she was afraid she'd miss all the fun her classmates were having - this is the first time this has ever happened when we've had a speaker in our school!' - a very happy school principal, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

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