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Give a giggle to an isolated child.

'It was the first time I'd seen my daughter laugh in a month.'

When Covid appeared, Reuben built a studio in his home and created a hilarious show to entertain families during lockdown via Zoom.

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Whilst restrictions have now been lifted, there are many children still isolated from others due to ill health. Reuben's virtual comedy show can reach anywhere - via Zoom or WhatsApp using any phone, tablet or laptop so even children isolated in hospital.

Let Reuben bring the 'best medicine' to your child with their own personal show!

He has combined his years of live performance and TV skills to create a unique interactive show that is personal to your child, where they are the focus and his goal to make them laugh.

Your child can even invite friends or family to join in the laughs too.


If you know of an isolated child that would really appreciate a giggle, Reuben performs a certain amount of free shows every month. Please let him know and he'll be happy to cheer them up.

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